Thank you for purchasing from Headwaters Seat Covers, you won’t be disappointed. Your seat covers will give you many years of use, no matter how hard you use them. They are the toughest, finest fitting seat covers you will find.

Please take your time and use patience when installing the seat cover. Follow the instructions closely. Call 877-485-3001 with any questions. Do not call your auto dealership for help with installation questions. Use extra caution while installing our seat covers on the front seat bottoms. Almost everything under the seat is sharp, and if it moves, it has great on it.  Frequently check your hands for grease to avoid smearing it on your seat covers.


Our seat covers come with a two year warranty on sewing, which covers thread breakage.

The warranty does not cover color loss due to abrasion or fading. The abrasive effect of getting in and out of the vehicle tends have the most effect on dye loss in the fabrics.  Darker fabrics tend to fade more if the vehicle is parked outside.

Our seat covers are designed to fit OEM seats and we cannot guarantee the fit on after-market or reupholstered seats.

These are seat covers. They cover over your existing seats. These do not replace upholstery.