Paul Lindsoe, owner of Headwaters Seat Covers, started making custom seat covers in 1987.


He started with a small business based in Bozeman, Montana. Since then Paul has mastered the craft of designing and installing seat covers. He’s also mastered CNC design and operation of the Eastman M-9000 seat cover cutting machine. In 2006, while working for the same business he started with, Paul drew a Bighorn Sheep tag in District 482 in eastern Montana. His current position, at the time, within the company held little future so it didn’t take much prodding from his wife when she said, “Quit your job, go sheep hunting, and start your own business.” So that is what he did! He quite his job and bagged a tremendous Bighorn ram. Afterward, he became a stay-at-home dad to his two young boys, working out of his garage with his black lab at his side, and the hunting channel always on the TV.


The beginning of Headwaters Seat Covers was humble, launched with $275 on a zero percent credit card in Paul’s back pocket. But what he lacked in money, he made up for in knowledge, innovation, experience, customer service, and a strong drive to succeed.


Headwaters Seat Covers is a family owned company located in Three Forks, Montana.  We have sourced and utilized American made materials from start to finish. Paul, as head designer, has measured by hand every template we use for our digitally cut patterns. Lori, his wife, is the head of the accounting and human resource side of the company. Over the years, their two sons have both spent time helping with different tasks within the business.


Since then Headwaters Seat Covers has come a long way with help from others and the assistance that is available to small business dreamers.


Headwaters Seat Covers is committed to providing quality products and communicating honestly  with our customers. As news spread of our integrity, quality and customer service, Paul was able to start thinking about expanding. 2009 saw the addition of Headwaters Seat Covers’ first employee, who is still with us today. Before long, Paul secured a corner lot in Three Forks and moved out of the garage and into a permanent new 1,500 square foot production and installation facility.


As business continued to increase, Paul and Lori were able to build a team of very skilled and professional employees. We work hard to maintain a close-knit family environment and our employees range from avid outdoors people to technology buffs, from large extended families to single parents and the young and independent. We are dedicated to every detail of your order throughout the manufacturing process from design to cut to sewn assembly to you! Headwaters Seat Covers’ employees currently have over 60 years of combined manufacturing sewing and customer service experience.


Throughout the years Headwaters Seat Covers and its employees have had the opportunity to support and volunteer at several local and state programs such as Walleyes Unlimited, Camp Mak-A-Dream, The Trooper David DeLaittre Memorial, Three Forks Schools programs and Three Forks Youth Recreation. We have also supported The University of Jamestown Golf Program, The Mason Moore Foundation, Headwaters Food Bank, The Girls Scouts, Wounded Warrior Hunts as well as our Armed Forces.