How do I order my seat covers, making sure they’re the correct ones?


 Web orders:


         – Use drop downs to locate the year,  make, model, and cab style of you truck on our website.


         – Next, look closely and compare our pictures of seats to your truck’s seats. You will need to go to your truck to compare pictures. A customer service representative will confirm the details on your order.


         Phone in orders:


         – You will be asked about your truck information such as year, make, model, and cab style. Please have this information available. Be prepared to go to the vehicle in order to answer specific questions pertaining to your order.


Are your seat covers American made?


– Yes, all seat covers are manufactured at our facility in Three Forks, Montana!


Do you offer a military discount?


– Yes, we offer a 10% discount to active duty, retired and separated service members. We require proof of service by way of a current LES or a DD214. You can submit your documentation by emailing us at . After which you will receive a code to use at check out.  *** Please note, we cannot legally accept any form of picture identification electronically. ***


What are the seat covers made out of?


– We utilize Top Quality American made materials like Velcro™ and CORDURA®. They’re manufactured in the USA with products made in the USA! The fabric we use is CORDURA®, 10x stronger than cotton. Solid colors are 1000 Denier & camos and prints are 500 Denier. Both deniers hold up to the wear and tear of your lifestyle.


Are your seat covers waterproof or water resistant?


– We call ours Water Resistant. Waterproof to us means 100%, no water will go through, ever, like the super materials such as Gore-Tex™ and others. After extensive testing on CORDURA®, we know CORDURA® is not impervious to moisture, but is extremely resistant to it.


– What we know about our CORDURA® is it’s the most water resistant, durable material to make a seat cover out of!


– CORDURA® fabric is pretreated at the factory with what’s called a “Durable Water Repellency Treatment” or DWRT.  This gives our seat covers a durable, long lasting water resistance.


If my seats were reupholstered, will these seat covers fit correctly?


– Our covers are hand designed to fit OEM seats and we cannot guarantee the fit on after-market or reupholstered seats. After-market or reupholstered seats tend to be thicker than the original seats and are just too big for our covers.


Can I use these seat covers to replace upholstery?


– These are seat covers. They cover over your existing seats. These do not replace upholstery.


Can I machine wash my seat covers?


– No, we recommend hand washing with clothing detergent and hang dry.


Can I make changes to my order after it placed?


– Orders can be added to or changed until the seat cover has been cut, which can be as soon as one week.



– Customers are eligible to cancel their orders within 7 business days after the order is placed. If the order has already been cut, there will be a 50% re-stocking fee plus credit card fees


 – We can not be responsible for quoted production times being extended due to national emergencies, natural disasters, or acts of war. These events are out of our control and ineligible for a full refund.   


Color changes


– Customers are able to change their color choice within 7 business days of verbal order confirmation. If the order has already been cut, the customer will be charged a minimum of $75 per set.


Are the seat covers easy to install?


– They’re not easy to put on, but they do come with detailed printed instructions, along with some video installations available on our YouTube channel.  


– If you have somewhat limited abilities, you’ll want help installing them, as they can be physically demanding.  Many auto accessory shops install seat covers.


– To assist our customers on installations, we have the owner, Paul Lindsoe with 30 years of experience in design/pattern making, installation, customer service, and manufacturing our line of seat covers.


– Our covers fit very snug, so they are a bit tough to get on, but they stay in place.


– Average installation for a front and rear is 2 1/2-4 hours depending on model and ability of the installer, single set usually takes 1-2 1/2 hours.


Will my seat covers fade?


– CORDURA® will fade slightly over time when exposed to the sun. Darker colors tend to fade more than lighter colors.  Our CORDURA® comes treated by the factory with UV protection.


– The biggest effect on color is “abrasion”, or the wear and tear of getting in and out.   This is normal, all seats show wear on the driver’s side whether you have seat covers or nor not. Our seat covers are designed to protect your seats by taking that abuse so your seats stay looking new underneath them.  


Do you offer installation services?


– We do offer in-house installation services for customers who purchase our seat covers.  You can choose installation at check-out or contact us directly to schedule an appointment. Phone: 877-485-3001. Email:


Will my seat covers slip or move after installation?


– No, our seat covers are designed to fit snug and are fastened to the seats in a manner that keeps them locked into place.


Can I install these seat covers over leather?


– Yes, they’re a great option for protecting your leather seats. We’ve received lots of positive feedback from customers with leather seats that say “the seats look like new” after removing the seat covers. 


– The only thing that can damage leather seats is if the seats were not cleaned thoroughly before installing the seat covers. This traps sand and grit between the cover and the seat, scratching the leather.  Our advice, always clean the seats thoroughly before you install your seat covers.


My seats have airbags, will they be affected?


No, the airbags will not be affected. We accommodate for the airbags on the side of the seat. While sewing the covers, we use the same break away thread as the manufacturer on the airbag side of the seat. Should you get in a wreck, the airbag will burst through the cover. If your truck is salvageable, then you can go ahead and send us your recently burst seat covers to us. We repair any airbag damage for no cost.


I carry children in car seat, will the hook ups still be available?


– Yes, we provide openings in out seat covers when needed for the child restraints/hook ups.


What if my seats are heated/cooled?


– CORDURA® is thin, so the heating and the cooling elements still work, it may take longer to feel the effects.